How Technology Is Changing Assisted Care Facilities

Technology has played a major role in the advancement of modern health care facilities. Among those who have largely benefited from these upgrades are nursing homes and their elderly residents.

Bringing your elderly loved ones to a nursing home is a big family decision to make. The thought of leaving them into other people’s care makes you hesitant and seek considerable time to think as well as motivation to do so. One of the immediate concerns is whether your parents or spouse will be well taken care of safely, properly, and given more attention than what you can truly give them in your own home.

With the recent technological revolution in healthcare facilities, the decision to whether or not move them into an elderly home is made easier thanks to the rise of modern assistive devices and wearable technology that are used in today’s nursing homes.

Sensors have been at the forefront of giving immediate care to the elderly should emergencies arise. The days when slips and falls could go unnoticed for several hours due to lack of attention given by the staff are over. Emergency call pendants can be worn by your loved ones and are triggered with a push of a button if they are in danger. They can be automatically set up to send SOS alarms to staff offices at the slightest sign of slipping or falling.

Filing of medical records electronically not only gives accurate and up-to-the-minute data regarding the patient’s vital signs, medications and daily activities, but it also provides you and other family members immediate access to pertinent information which can be monitored on smartphones and tablets.

An emerging results management software is also currently used by health care institutions to track progress and results of care being provided to your loved ones. Here you will see positive or negative results of the specific activity or treatment given to them and how well they respond to each of these activities.

In line with this, staff members are also equipped with remote patient monitoring devices which enables them to keep track of the activities of the patients even to the point of anticipating possible falls and managing their needs proactively.

Elderly people living in nursing homes are now enjoying these and many other advances in technology. Likewise, the families of these individuals are more at ease knowing how their loved ones are being cared for.

Advancements in technology will always be a welcome change for these institutions. Consider asking about the recently acquired devices and technology upgrades when shopping around for a nursing home. These technological advances can be used as an indicator to help you decide which home suits your loved one.

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